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Health Care Reform

The Center is researching various topics and programs related to the upcoming implementation of health care reform. These include the characteristics of those newly-eligible for coverage, costs and effectiveness of new programs and services (such as the Low Income Health Program) ​as well as changes to public and private health insurance. See a full list of Center publications on health reform here.


Health Insurance

The Center is a recognized authority on the current state of local, state and national health insurance policies, coverage, costs and efficacy. It produces the biennial The State of Health Insurance in California​ report. See a full list of Center publications on health insurance here.


Elder Health

The Center has pioneered new ways to examine the pressing health and health policy issues of old age, including helping to calculate a new measure of the true cost of living for senior citizens – "The Elder Index" – as well as publishing important studies on the health of overlooked populations, such as rural elders, lesbian, gay and bisexual elders, and American Indian and Alaska Native elders. See a full list of Center publications on elder health here.


Obesity and diabetes

Obesity, diabetes and other chronic conditions affect up to a third or more of California's population. The Center has been at the forefront in providing the comprehensive data policymakers and health providers need to understand and respond to the crisis.  See our publications on diabetes and obesity.


Latino Health

California's racial and ethnic diversity allows the Center to draw upon a rich trove of data from the California Health Interview Survey to examine the impact of health programs and policy on a wide range of ethnic groups and subgroups. Although virtually all Center publications examine race/ethnicity, specific publications on Latino health can be found here.