1 in 3 California adults say they would not get any more COVID vaccines

Recent data from the California Health Interview Survey also highlights Californians’ experiences with long COVID

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Mike Fricano 

One-third (32%) of adults in California said they would not get additional COVID-19 vaccine doses, even if recommended by health guidelines, according to August 2023 data from the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS).

The survey, conducted by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, also found that 23% of California adults who completed the primary vaccine series for COVID-19 have not received any additional doses or boosters.

The data, made available to the public via the 2023 CHIS COVID-19 Preliminary Estimates Dashboard, builds on previous data from surveys conducted from March through July 2023 on Californians’ views on the COVID-19 vaccine and booster, personal and financial impacts of the pandemic, testing, access to masks, and experiences with long COVID.

“Although the California Health Interview Survey is an annual survey, for the last three years we have released preliminary monthly COVID-19 estimates to provide more timely insights on the impact of the pandemic on Californians,” said Todd Hughes, director of the CHIS. “Our data have been used by policymakers, health departments, community leaders, advocates, outreach workers, journalists, and others to understand the ongoing impact of the pandemic, and to reach communities who are most in need.”

Additional findings include:

Californians’ experiences with Long COVID

  • 30% of all California adults experienced COVID symptoms for two months or longer.
    • By income level: 46% of adults with incomes 0–99% of the federal poverty level (FPL) and 42% of adults with incomes 100–199% FPL experienced COVID-19 symptoms for two months or longer, significantly higher than adults with incomes 300% FPL and above (23%).
    • By race and ethnicity: 44% of Latinx adults experienced COVID-19 symptoms for two months or longer, two times higher than 22% of white adults.

Californians’ reasons for not completing the primary vaccine series for COVID-19

  • 46% of adults and 30% of teens and children thought a vaccine for COVID-19 is unnecessary.
  • 46% of adults and 45% of teens and children were worried about the side effects.
  • 37% of children and teens said their parents did not want them to get the vaccine.
  • 32% of adults did not believe in vaccines in general.

“The findings about vaccines and experiences with long COVID remind us of the challenges that we still face,” Hughes said.

The August 2023 data, the final in a series of monthly estimates for 2023, includes responses from 2,813 adults (ages 18+) and 585 children and teenagers. The 2023 dashboard includes responses from 20,134 Californians (16,786 adults and 3,348 children and teens) from March through August 2023.

View the 2023 California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) COVID-19 Preliminary Estimates Dashboard.