Published Date: November 08, 2023

Summary: The Asian American (AsA) population is heterogenous and rapidly growing; however, little is known regarding childhood asthma burden among AsA ethnic groups. The relation between obesity and asthma in AsA ethnic groups also remains unclear. Authors evaluate asthma prevalence and the relation of obesity to asthma risk among children in 7 AsA ethnic groups.

Researchers analyzed data from the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) from 2011 to 2020.

Findings: Of 34,146 survey respondents, 12.2% non-Hispanic white and 12.5% AsA children reported lifetime asthma. Among AsA ethnic groups, however, lifetime asthma ranged from 5.1% (Korean American) to 21.5% (Filipino American). Non-Hispanic white children and AsA children had a similar lifetime asthma prevalence, but prevalence was lower in Korean American children and higher in Filipino American children. The lifetime asthma prevalence of different AsA ethnic groups persisted even when stratified by obesity status.

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