Published Date: April 01, 2008
This study evaluated the Los Angeles Unified School District Nutrition Network, a large multicomponent nutrition and physical activity program in an ethnically diverse school district, launched in 2000.

Thirty-six percent of eligible schools participated in 2001, and 79% of participating schools reapplied the following year. Elementary schools and schools that applied for grant money were more likely to reapply. Produce sampling was the most frequently cited program highlight, and making purchases with program grant money was the most frequently cited challenge.

Findings suggest that schools serving students of low socioeconomic status and diverse ethnicities can be recruited into a large program to promote healthy dietary choices and physical activity, especially elementary schools. Effectiveness and institutionalization of the program might be positively affected by fostering local ownership, allowing school personnel who apply for the grant to tailor the program to their individual schools.

Publication Authors:
  • Richard E. Kratz
  • Ninez A. Ponce, PhD, MPP