California Health Interview Survey


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Why Support CHIS? 

Diana Dooley
Secretary, California Health and Human Services Agency

"State policymakers regularly rely on the integrity of CHIS data. We have hard decisions to make and now, more than ever, this data is essential to the well-being of the people of California."

Ronald W. Chapman
Former Director, California Department of Public Health

"I'm a huge fan of CHIS. As Director, I heavily rely on its data, in terms of the decisions I make, and the decisions that our state's Assemblymembers, Senators and Governor make. It's hard to imagine what it'd be like to apply for funding and make decisions without CHIS."

Robert Ross
President and CEO, The California Endowment

"In the beginning...we just didn’t have good data, good information about what was happening. CHIS has filled that void."

Anthony Wright
Executive Director, Health Access

"CHIS data is remarkably important to our advocacy efforts and our work with the media. It gives us a baseline of the state's problems so that we can tell if we're making progress."

Rusty Selix
Executive Director, California Council of Community Mental Health Agencies

"CHIS helps reveal who is getting and who is not getting mental health care, and who needs mental health care. It is the only good source of this information available."

Stephen Mayberg
Former Director, California Department of Mental Health, 1993-2010

"We use CHIS to look at whether or not what we are doing is effective."

Kris Perry
Executive Director, First Five Years Fund                    Former Executive Director, First 5

"The CHIS survey is the only survey in California that focuses on children ages 0-5."

Ellen Wu
Executive Director, Urban Habitat                                Former Executive Director, California Pan-Ethnic Health Network

"We have used CHIS data to really understand the barriers that communities of colors face when getting the care that they need."

Pamela Lane
Vice President, Health Informatics at California Hospital Association

"CHIS data adds credibility to all the work that we do."