California Health Interview Survey


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Need a quick statistic?​

Use AskCHIS, a quick and easy online tool that enables anyone to search and compare health statistics by county, region or across California. AskCHIS is free following a quick, one-time registration.

To see a tutorial on how to use AskCHIS, click here: AskCHIS Tutorial.

Need in-depth data?

    Public Use Data Files:

    Conduct your own research using statewide CHIS data files on a variety of topics. The files are available in a variety of data formats, including SAS, SPSS and STATA data formats. Learn more...

    Confidential Data:

    Researchers can apply to analyze confidential CHIS data, including sensitive variables (sexual orientation, mental health, etc.) and/or geo-coded data through the CHIS Data Access Center (DAC). Access to confidential CHIS data requires a research application, review, and approval. Learn more...

    Current CHIS Data Projects:

    What are other researchers doing with CHIS data? Find out with this free listing of current CHIS data projects. List your own project or network and promote your work. Learn more...