California Health Survey

What is the California Health Survey?

The California Health Survey is currently being conducted to learn about the health of people in California and the problems they have getting health car​e. The results from this survey provide important information that may help shape policies and programs for the State and local communities. For more information, click HERE.

Why should you participate?

Your participation is essential to helping researchers, the public, and the government better understand some of the health problems and difficulties in getting health care in California. 

We respect your privacy.

Keeping individual information confidential is a top priority for us. We specifically process all the answers so that no one can directly connect what responses came from which household. Everyone working on this study is required by law to protect the confidentiality of people who participate. No names are retained, all home addresses and telephone numbers (if we had one) are stripped away from the survey answers. We are bound by very rigid rules set up by the UCLA Office for Protection of Research Subjects and the California regulated Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects to protect your privacy and rights as a participant in a university project. For more information, click HERE.

Take the California Health Survey. 

Using the secure access code provided in the letter you received, you can take the survey by clicking: