Published Date: March 31, 2016

During the first year of expanded health insurance coverage options under the Affordable Care Act millions of Californians gained coverage, but many remained uninsured.

Using data from the 2014 California Health Interview Survey, this policy brief examines the characteristics of the uninsured and the reasons for remaining uninsured among the undocumented who are ineligible for coverage under the ACA due to their immigration status, and the citizens and lawfully present immigrants who are eligible for coverage but did not enroll.

The findings show that major barriers to coverage included costs and ineligibility due to documentation status. Increasing awareness of availability of financial assistance, policies to expand affordability, and extending coverage options for the undocumented could help close these remaining gaps in coverage.

Publication Authors:
  • Miranda Dietz
  • Nadereh Pourat, PhD
  • Max W. Hadler, MPH, MA
  • Laurel Lucia, MPP
  • Dylan H. Roby, PhD
  • Ken Jacobs