California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) Data User Training: October 2023
California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) Data User Training: October 2023
Published: 11/29/2023

Interested in learning how to access California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) data? Following the CHIS annual data release on October 4, 2023, the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research hosted a data user training webinar to demonstrate how to use CHIS' free online data tools to get data on a wide range of health topics across many sociodemographic factors.

The training includes:

AskCHIS™: an online health query system that allows you to search for health statistics on your county, region, and state.

AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition™: a GIS search tool for health indicators by ZIP code, city, county, legislative districts, and census tracts.

Health Profiles: provide quick and easy access to the most commonly requested health indicators from CHIS.

CHIS Data Dissemination Manager Jacob Rosalez led the training and walked through new data topics including hate incidents and additional COVID-19 questions, and demonstrated how to create and execute a query,  read estimates and adjust for unstable estimates, understand confidence intervals, display map and chart data, and more.

Jacob Rosalez
Jacob Rosalez, MA
Senior Public Administration Analyst, Data Dissemination
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