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Turning Data into Action: Fighting Air Pollution in Two Immigrant Communities

“Turning Data into Action (TDA): Fighting Air Pollution in Two Immigrant Communities” was a community-academic strategic planning partnership to reduce disparities in asthma, cardiovascular disease and low birth weight associated with a disproportionate exposure to traffic related air pollution. TDA focused on vulnerable populations in the Boyle Heights and Long Beach communities of Los Angeles County which has some of the worst air quality in the nation.

Download Turning Data into Action Factsheet (PDF)  


Turning Data into Action Community Action Plan:

Over a two year period, 2010-2012, TDA expanded and mobilized partnerships and engaged more than 450 individuals in the impacted communities to gather assessment data and develop goals and strategies to reduce health risks from air pollution through policy and systems change.  The result is the Turning Data into Action Community Action Plan.  The Community Action Plan includes 10 goals and strategy priorities community representatives identified as necessary to take action to reduce air pollution exposure and protect community health.​

Download the Community Action Plan.

More than 450 community stakeholders participated in project activities that contributed to the development of the plan.  Participants included Boyle Heights and Long Beach residents, community leaders, educators, faith-based leaders, environmental justice advocates, health care professionals, business and union representatives, service providers, and air quality scientists and regulators.

TDA Activities:

Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP)
See ​the Turning Data into Action Factsheet describing the model used to expand partnerships and engage stakeholders in four key assessments that informed the development of the Community Action Plan: community health status, community themes and strengths, local public health system, and forces of change, influential emerging practices and policies.

Paying the Price with Our Health: A Community Strategic Planning Conference on Air and Better Health 
The MAPP activities concluded with a two day regional convening of Boyle Heights and Long Beach stakeholders to examine assessment findings and to create a roadmap for community action to reduce exposure to air pollution and its impact on asthma, heart health, and birth weight.

Partners and Funders:

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research serves as the Central Coordinating Organization in an ongoing collaboration with The Children’s Clinic (TCC) in Long Beach, the East LA Community Corp. (ELACC) in Boyle Heights, and the UCLA Center for Occupational and Environmental Health,  Los Angeles County Dept of Public HealthLong Beach Dept of Health and Human Services, the Asthma Coalition of Los Angeles County, and QueensCare

Turning Data into Action, TDA, was made possible through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health for Communities Organized to Respond and Evaluate (REACH CORE) cooperative agreement number 1U58DP002952-01.


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