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The SCAN/UCLA Center for Health Policy Research Long-Term Care Poll

How prepared are Californians for the costs of aging?  The SCAN Foundation​ and the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research’s Health Disparities Program attempt to answer this question by conducting a yearly poll of California voters’ attitudes about, and readiness for, the costs of long-term care.

The SCAN/UCLA Center for Health Policy Research poll has consistently found:

  • Not ready: A majority of California voters feel unprepared to pay for services if they could no longer care for themselves independently and needed long-term care.
  • Worried: Majorities across political parties say they are worried about long-term care costs.
  • Uncovered: Substantial majorities do not have long-term care insurance and do not realize Medicare doesn't cover long-term care.

With California’s elderly population projected to double to more than 9 million over the next two decades, the poll provides valuable information to policymakers and others concerned with how to sustain the state’s battered home- and community-based long-term care services.

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