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Variation in Complementary and Alternative (CAM) Use Across Racial/Ethnic Groups and the Development of Ethnic-Specific Measures of CAM Use (The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine)

August 1, 2006

CHIS Journal Article

Authors: An-Fu Hsiao, Mitchell D. Wong, Michael S. Goldstein, PhD, Hongjian Yu, PhD, Ronald M. Andersen, PhD, Neil S. Wenger

The use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is likely to vary among racial/ethnic groups because its use is related to cultural and health beliefs. Understanding patterns of CAM use among ethnic groups could inform clinical practice and the study of CAM use in a diverse population. The authors compared CAM use among Asian-Americans, American Indians, African Americans, Latinos, whites, and other racial/ethnic groups in order to develop ethnic-specific measures of CAM use and explore factors associated with such CAM use across ethnic groups.

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