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AskCHIS On-Demand Learning Center

Get a fast, free tutorial on how to use AskCHIS and AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition©, the online tools of the California Health Interview Survey that have been used to get California health statistics by tens of thousands of people. These tutorials are:

Brief: Presented in digestible, 10-minute segments!

Simple: Designed for those who have no experience with the doing a query as well as those who want to brush up on their search skills.

Available 24/7: These pre-recorded tutorials mean you can get the help you need when and how you need it! 


The tutorials cover: 
  • How to do a basic query
  • Displaying data visually
  • How to export your data in a variety of formats (Excel, email, etc.)
  • Confidence intervals, pooling, statistical stability and much more!

AskCHIS Training Videos: 


Conducting a simple AskCHIS query: [5:01]

Learn how to conduct a basic query and get a single-topic result.

Comparing two or more topics: [7:48]

Learn how to compare two or more topics, geographies and adjust your results table.


Creating charts and graphs: [4:09]

Learn how to display your data results in chart or graph form.


Exporting your data: [2:43]

Learn how to export AskCHIS data via email or excel spreadsheet.

AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition Trainings:

Introduction to AskCHIS NE

AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition allows you to access hyper-local California health data, including ZIP code, legislative district, city and more!

How to build a basic Community Profile

Learn how to select a health topic and up to five hyper-local geographical locations.

How to adjust and visualize your data

Learn how to adjust results, visualize your data, and more! 

NEW - How to add cenus tracts

Learn how to add census tracts and create custom neighborhood maps and data!

Additional resources:

BHC Health Profiles Dashboard

The Building Healthy Communities online health profiles is specifically designed to obtain a snapshot of key CHIS survey findings to support local efforts.


Training Manual:

Technical Assistance Articles:

Related webinars: 


December 2012:  "Meeting the Growing Demand for Local Level Health Estimates"

This webinar by Hongjian Yu, director of the statistical unit at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, and Yueyan Wang, assistant director of the statistical unit, discusses small area estimation. Using examples from CHIS, Yu and Wang discuss the advantages and caveats of local-level estimates, data stability, and how estimates are generated using a variety of techniques. The webinar is sponsored by The California Endowment.

View the webinar.

November 2012: "A Guide to Analyzing CHIS Data for Researchers and Analysts"

This webinar by Matt Jans, former data quality and survey methodology manager at the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) and Annie Lee, a former graduate student researcher at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, offers an in-depth introduction on CHIS data for researchers and analysts with an understanding of key social science terminology but with relatively little to no previous experience analyzing data. 
The webinar discusses the CHIS sample design and its implications, univariate analysis, trending, and other core concepts relevant to understanding survey data. This is the first in a series of upcoming webinars on CHIS, the nation's largest state health survey and a unique data source on many underrepresented ethnic, racial and sexual minority groups. The webinar is sponsored by The California Endowment.
View the webinar.