Paul Dourgnon, PhD, MSc, is a faculty associate at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. He is currently the research director at the Institut de Recherche et Documentation en Economie de la Santé (IRDES, Institute for Research and Information in Health Economics), as well as an associate researcher at Hospinnomics, and Paris Dauphine University Research Center for Health Economics. Dourgnon’s research topics include social inequalities in health and health care utilization, policy evaluation, and survey sciences. He has longstanding experience of survey design and management, as well as expertise on health information systems.

Since 2014, he has been head of the Health and Welfare Policy unit at IRDES, where he is leading research on access to health care services and to health insurance, social determinants of health developing tools for measuring access to health care services and patient experiences. A significant part of hs work is dedicated to immigrant health research. Dourgnon was the 2016-2017 French Harkness Fellow in health care policy and practice.

Dourgnon received a PhD in economic sciences from Université Paris IX Dauphine, and a master’s degree in statistics with a specialization in health economics from Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l’Analyse de l’Information.